Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Flopsy bunny

After far too many hats, I have finally got back to knitting for pleasure.

I started a little elephant from a very old Greenhowe pattern, but it's so very fiddly and has been driving me absolutely crazy. Subsequently, a nice easy pattern was calling for my attention today while I was exhausted. Enter Flopsy Bunny.

The only problems I had were these:

1) I didn't have any bunny-coloured yarn other than Big Softie, but I fancied knitting with big needles anyway so I just went for it.

2) I got UTTERLY bored of row after row of stockinette and wanted to throw it a couple of times.

3) I ran out of yarn after the head and body, and so have to decide whether to knit the ears and legs in Denim Ultra (in a grey/beige kind of colour) or to wait until I get some more Big Sofite. I do have more Big Softie, but only in pink or black. Hmmmm....

The bunny has been stuffed and has a ribbon and nose, so he is looking cute already. I just don't like leaving projects half-finished when I've made time to get them done, so I feel a bit sad for him now. Poor bunny.

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