Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Crochet for beginners

I do remember being frustrated when I started knitting. Following written instructions is not the easiest, and yet I tried it again when I decided to learn to crochet.

I got hooks for christmas (from Sair, again!) and was over the moon because I've found a pattern I want to make for Nick (a tiny Link from Zelda). I looked at a couple of YouTube videos but didn't get much further than chain stitch (or any further, actually). I didn't know whether I was using the wrong yarn for the hook, or what size hook I should actually be using, or whether I was just making the loops too tight (or how to make them looser!) so I thought I'd order the Happy Hooker book, having had so much luck with the Stitch 'n' Bitch knitting guide.

Well, it arrived today and confused me more than ever! It had some great bits (although the patterns aren't my taste, really) but the guide to single stitch had me wanting to throw the hook. It didn't give me much more info on selecting hooks and yarn, either. But with the help of both the book and the knitwitch's youtube videos, I eventually moved from chainstitch to single stitch - and voila - I have created a tiny little rectangle of crochet! Woo!
(It turns out there are two ways of moving into single stitch from your chain stitches, and the Happy Hooker tells you to do the more complicated version. The KnitWitch simply gets you to poke your hook through the hole and carry on. Fantastic!)

That's enough for today. It's exhausting learning something new! Whoever said crocheting was easier than knitting had obviously been born with a hook in her hand, or was needle phobic. Or simply deranged.

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Hil said...

I totally agree. It's annoying cos I see some gorgeoues crochet patterns, including the whole rainbow kitchen set I have the patterns for...but can I get the hang of it beyond chain stitch (which itself is easier if I do it with my fingers)? No. You have got further than me! It's on my list though, so I will do it!