Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Jimmy Bunny

I bought another skein of brown Big Softie to finish the bunny as the Denim Ultra didn't look right when I tried a leg and an ear.

Unfortunately, I've run out of Big Softie again because I kept messing up the sewing up today - I stitched the ears on and then found that the seam was on his side rather than the bottom, so I unpicked it all (which took bloody AGES) and repositioned them, and yet again the seam seemed to move when I was sewing it up! It's still not in the position I wanted but it's on the underside so I'm not messing around with it anymore.

I don't know whether to knit him his final leg in black yarn and then stitch some black patches onto his fur, or whether to get yet MORE brown yarn....

I also don't know what to do for his eyes. I've got some hella-cute buttons which might look nice, but I haven't decided.

He looks a bit wonky and weird but I actually love him. I didn't think I would and hadn't decided what I was going to do with him, but now I'm keeping him. Maybe it's his imperfections that make me think he's perfect!

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