Saturday, 17 January 2009

Stash tidying and elephant knitting

Alfie Elephant

Stash organisation system!

I bought some drawers today to keep all my knitting supplies in as they were taking up too much space behind the sofa and I could never find anything. I'd thought about it this morning and then spotted the drawers today - that NEVER happens!

I also finished my little elephant today and lovelovelove him. He's deliberately wonky (unlike most of my accidentally lopsided knits!) and that's because Nick thought he looked cute before I straightened his head on. He was quite fiddly but the more I did the better I got, and I'd be tempted to use the pattern again.

I'm thinking of making a larger size for Sam's birthday, but I'm not sure whether to just use two strands of wool together or to get some chunkier yarn.

In the meantime I'm going to start a topsy turvy doll for Ellie. I started it today but frogged it after eight rows as I spotted a hole and couldn't rest with it there. If I'd been further in I might have just fixed it, but I thought I should try to do it properly. I'm doing the Cinderella one from the christmas patterns booklet, although I might change my mind for the sleeping/awake baby as it looks simpler. Hmm...

I'm also considering knitting the boy dress-up doll for Thom's birthday (lucky these birthdays are all a long way away!) but if I knit for the others I'll need to find something for Mart too... not sure what he might like, bue I'm sure I can think of something.


Anonymous said...

my birthday's in june ;) :P hehe

soozywoo said...

Another birthday... I shall start planning!