Saturday, 11 October 2008

Poorly Soozy

(£6 bargains!)

I've been disgustingly ill for the last week. I was stuck in the house from the moment I got in from work on Monday morning until the moment I had to leave for work on Friday evening. And I did not want to go to work!

I did manage a *bit* of knitting in that time, but not a lot - a couple of rectangles for the blanket and a few stripes of Nick's scarf.

Today I did manage to get to the market after work, and there I got knitting needles for 25p a pair and double knit yarn for £1 a skein. Bargains! I checked out the new craft shop too but it only stocks designer yarn at ridiculous prices. Yeah, some of it looks a bit like heaven, but I'm not paying £7 for a 50g ball!

I'm too tired to knit again today. It sucks big style. But at least the claw is beginning to heal!

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