Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mary the draught excluding snake

Mo's girlfriend, Mary.

I haven't started the penguins yet as I lost the pattern and needed something to keep me busy while I was feeling poorly.

So I decided to make Mo a girlfriend. I wasn't happy with how Mo turned out and wanted to see how it would look if I used decent colours and changed the size slightly. Mary has a thinner tail and a flatter head, and I think she looks better for being in nicer colours too. Losing the weird tongue was the best part!

Her eyes were not as intended and she's ended up looking a little bit evil, but I do like her. The colours are much brighter than the photos suggest.

We have a couple of draughty doors in our house, so I may try another style next time I feel low. It's an easy task that requires little concentration, making it perfect for crappy M.E. days, and it always feels better to have accomplished something on the rubbish days.

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