Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Blanket beginning

I've been poorly for a few days so I haven't been able to knit. For some reason it just wasn't working while I was feeling rubbish - I was dropping stitches, knitting purls and making a mess.

Luckily, this evening I've been able to do a bit again, so I've done the first square for my blanket.

I tried stockinette stitch (which I've only done on sample squares before) and I also designed a very basic pattern for a raised heart and managed to put that onto my square. It's not too easy to see on the multicoloured yarn, but I think it's sweet all the same.
I don't know what else I'll do for the blanket, or what I'll do for the squares to send Maddie, but I think it's a nice project as it's small and manageable for when I'm not feeling up to anything big. i can do simple squares or try something more complicated, and then hopefully it will all go together at the end.
It's quite exciting!

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