Saturday, 4 October 2008

No praise today

I've finished three scarves this week, and as these are my first three projects I've been really excited.

I know they're simple, but as much as I've wanted to move on to more complicated stuff I've also been aware that I need to learn to walk before I can run (and other clichees).

However, I told Phyllis about the scarves thinking she would be full of encouragement, and she just scoffed at the lengths I'd made ("that's too short!"), laughed at the fact that I'd only used one stitch ("what, the same stitch all the way through?!") and rubbed it in that she's knitting jumpers. She's been knitting for about seventy years and she can't muster up a bit of praise for a newbie?

My Mum was nice to me. She even said the one I don't like was pretty.

Anyway, it's stopping me from thinking about how tired I am and it's not too tiring in itself, so I shouldn't be bothered about people being crappy. It's my catharsis and even if what I knit is utter shit, it doesn't matter.

I think everyone's going to hate me when I give them all wonky scarves for every birthday and christmas for the rest of ever, though.

In other news, the Stitch 'n' Bitch book is marvellous. I feel like the whole knitting world is at my feet now!

Sair is the most thoughtful person in the world. Getting me back into knitting and introducing me to Ravelry was fantastic. I feel like I owe her a lot.

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Anonymous said...

you owe me nothing! You showed an interest, it was your birthday... i love knitting and enjoy sharing!

your old woman may have scoffed, but let me show you just a few of brooklyntweeds genius with "just" one stitch!

ok, I can't link the entries directly, but scroll through, check out the blanket, the scarves, the baby sweater/jackets, the ribwarmer and the pixie hooded adult jacket!!!! the link