Thursday, 23 April 2009

Clowning around

Since I finished Sam's teddy my health has dipped seriously and I've been avoiding any *real* knitting (even though I STILL haven't finished the wedding cake).

I've done a clown from Jean Greenhowe's little gift dolls because I wanted something small, simple and colourful, but I don't like him - the curse of Jean (I always either love her patterns, or bloody well hate them!). I don't think I stuffed him properly and for some reason his hat just wouldn't go right no matter what I did.

The problem is, I was hoping he'd be one of the toys for the entertainment packs for the wedding - we're doing boxes for each child so they don't get bored, and I was hoping to knit a little gift doll for each box. Considering how much time I'm going to have to spend doing nothing I think I should manage (I'd need another six dolls), but I don't know whether he's good enough to put in or whether he's an embarrassment?

It's always difficult to tell when it's your own work as you get so critical, but as I really don't like him I think I'd be uncomfortable whatever.

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Emmie said...

He's absolutely fine - poor little clown, I think you should definitley give him in your gift pack - as he looks perfect to me - and anyhow kids don't care about a perfect doll - they just love a new little friend to play with. Hes lovely and I'm sure someone will end up loving him and giving him a great home - better than him sitting in the scrap box :-)