Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sam's teddy

This is a teddy I made for Sam's first birthday. I decided to make it on the Thursday night before his birthday party on Monday afternoon. It was a bit of a constant knit but it was worthwhile and I ended up loving the teddy. I know that with Jean's patterns I tend to either utterly fall in love with the finished objects or completely hate them, so I took a chance and was lucky. Sam seemed to like him as he gave him a slug (kiss) as soon as it was unwrapped. I don't know whether he'll be allowed to play with it until he's older as it's kind of fuzzy yarn and there are places where you can see the stuffing through the shaping, but he'd look good sitting on a shelf in his bedroom anyway.
I forgot to blog about this while I was knitting (mostly as I didn't even have time to eat, let alone blog!) but I wanted to put him in here so I could look back at him. I think he's probably my favourite project yet <3

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