Thursday, 12 March 2009

An update

I seem to have been quiet on here for a while, even though I have been knitting away as usual.

I've designed hearts for the front of the wedding invitations and I'm in the process of knitting the wedding cake pattern Alan Dart wrote for Simply Knitting. It's going slowly because the actual wedding planning keeps getting in the way (who knew it took so much organising?!) but it's looking good. Quite a nice size, too - I'm planning on using it as the top tier of the actual cake.

I think I might do smaller versions of the invitation hearts to put on place settings, but I'm not sure how many I'll be able to get done. It seems as though I need to knit until my fingers bleed now!

I've been doing effort-free blanket knitting while I've been poorly too, and have got one square done: pastel stripes 60sts by 80 rows. Hot!

There was a photo with this post, but blooger's being a pain and I'm too tired to keep trying. Being ill is crappy no matter what, but M.E. makes me a right mardy cow!
Edited to add photo after I stopped being mardy. That was the first version of the heart. It's been adapted since then, but it's not vastly different.

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Emmie said...

Awwww - bless you, sounds like you have your work cut out! I went to town planning my wedding and I have now come to realise that as long as people see that you and your hubby are happy on the day they will be happy too (hope that takes the pressure off a bit!!)
My other bit of advice is when you do get married just make sure you and your hubby remember to keep making time for each other on the hour on the day, otherwise you get eaten up with all the guests!! I'm sure your wedding will be fantastic and how brill to have little knitted details - it sounds great fun. Love Em x