Thursday, 6 November 2008

Tiny hat

I've had lots of requests for knitted items which makes me feel like my knitting must look okay or they wouldn't ask! I have to remember to knit a snake for Kate, a kitty for Carla, a hat for Chris, a hat for Jenny, and a hat to replace my slouchy grey one as I lost it in Lincoln :(

I've done another kitty for Jules and a mini version of my stripey slouchy hat for Ellie. It took about an hour and used the leftovers from my hat. I just cast on fewer stitches and then knit to the same pattern and it came out quite cute. She'll like matching Aunty Su anyway.

I ordered a whole load of yarn today ready to get as many christmas presents done and I'm looking forward to taking delivery of it. I don't think I've ever had that much yarn at one time before, let alone lovely soft beautiful gorgeous Sirdar Big Softie.

I've started the Winter Knitalong but it's going slowly because of the fun chunky knits I've got going. Small needles are just so slow! I WILL do it though.

1 comment:

Spike said...

Those are lovely hats! Shame about the pink :oP

Those are just like the colours of hat my favourite dog walker wears.