Monday, 10 November 2008


I adapted a Jean Greenhowe pattern to create a snowman for the Moving Beyond Rectangles winter KAL but I'm not overly happy with the way he turned out.

Because it was a pattern for a baby, the head is not quite as big and round as I would probably like for a snowman. The colours I used for his hat and scarf are nice and bright though, although they were awful to knit with!
I also need to work on my sewing skills. I'm pretty confident with knitting now, but my sewing lets me down and as I'm mostly knitting toys it looks pretty messy.

I've found another Jean Greenhowe pattern for a real snowman and it looks really cute so I might see how that goes, but for now I'm knitting a christmas tree fairy as we've just bought our tree but don't have anything for the top of it. I don't know if she'll weigh the whole thing down or fall off, but I'm giving it a go!

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